NAAC Day on the Hill

March 28, 2019

Policy Resources

At this year’s conference, and for the first time, NAAC members are taking our collective mission to the people who make the decisions. Come with us as we walk through the halls of Congress to inform and educate our national leaders about Alternative Certification. Then join NAAC’s listening session hosted by Mia Howerton. All are invited. This is important!

Congressional Meetings Tracking Sheet

State Data about Alt Route Programs

Check back often as resources will be continually added. Some of the links are not yet live, but will be updated soon.

Contacting Your Legislators

Sample Email to Request Meeting

The links below are for the 116th Congress (updated January 2019). 

Directory for contacting all Senators:

Directory for contacting all House members:

Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee:

House Education and Labor Committee:

US Capitol Map

Map of Congressional Office Buildings

Policy Recommendations for the 116th Congress

Coming Soon! The National Association for Alternative Certification policy committee is developing a federal and state policy and advocacy agenda for educator preparation and certification.