Financial Oversight

Chair: Andrew Rozell

The financial oversight committee is responsible for reviewing the annual budget and making recommendations to the board regarding large expenditures, investments and long-term financial health of the organization.


Chair: Alexandra Manuel

The Policy Committee oversees NAAC’s efforts to impact state and national policy that supports innovative alternative routes to teacher preparation. The committee identifies policy issues and develops strategies for action by NAAC membership at state and national levels.

Research and Publications


The Publications and Research Committee is responsible for publication of white papers, reports, research publications, and other materials that promote innovative alternative routes to teacher preparation, including the Journal of the National Association for Alternative Certification.  

Training and Professional Learning

Chair: OPEN

The Training and Professional Learning Committee works with the NAAC board to plan and execute professional development training for alternative certification program leadership and staff. The committee assists in developing content for the annual conference, including recommending professional development workshops.  


Chair: OPEN

The Membership Committee consists of Regional Directors and State Representatives and is responsible for communicating with and advancing the involvement of organization members. This committee advises the board on concerns from members and states and shares innovative local activities with leadership.

New Educator Awards

Chair: Tiffany Jackson

The New Educator Awards Committee reviews and revises the guidelines and scoring rubrics for award nominations and applications, and reviews the nominee applications. The committee selects up to three finalists to receive awards at the annual conference.


Chair: OPEN

The Marketing Committee promotes NAAC as the premier professional organization that advocates for standards-driven nontraditional educator preparation leading to effective school staffing, through marketing and public relations efforts. The committee seeks topics of interest to promote the association and works with the Executive Director to put forward effective communications, including social media and the website. 

Nominating and Elections

Chair: Sheila Allen

The Nominating and Elections Committee oversees the annual elections process. This includes developing the ballot and election materials and processes to draft a slate of eligible candidates for election. This committee oversees the counting of the ballots and certifying the results of the election.