NAAC members represent nontraditional teacher preparation programs throughout the country. NAAC members are primarily teacher educators, including university-based administrators and faculty in alternative certification programs, administrators of programs based in school districts, non-profit organizations, including Educator Service Centers, and for-profit/private programs. Our membership also includes state education department officials, policymakers, and college schools of education faculty, school administrators, and leaders of non-profit educational organizations.

All share a common goal: seeking the best ways to recruit and prepare highly-effective teachers who will impact student achievement in meaningful ways.

Levels and Pricing

Individual Memberships

Program Membership

Program membership allows an institution to designate up to 5 representatives as members. Each member is eligible for all member benefits, including discount on conference registrations. More memberships may be added at a reduced rate.

  • First 5 members: $400
  • Additional members: $75 each
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