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January 25, 2011

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2014 Conference Handouts

Click on the links below for 2014 NAAC Conference presentations.

Keynotes and General Sessions

Click here for Making a Difference and Having an Impact Upon Teaching and Learning (Pedro A. Noguera)

Click here for Supporting and Retaining the Next Generation of Teachers (Susan Moore Johnson)

Click here for Teacher Quality Partnership (Venitia Richardson)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Click here for 21st Century Technology Tools for Online Teaching and Learning Environments (David A. McCarthy)

Click here for A University/Public Schools Collaboration Supporting Novice Alternatively Licensed Teachers (Courtney Glazer and Jennifer Dennis)

Click here for Developing and Evaluating the Lesson Planning Process (Stacy Costello and George Ward)

Click here for Developing Effective Instructional Habits - Intern Session (Duane Baker)

Click here for Four Instructional Habits for New Teachers (Duane Baker)

Click here for Implementing the Quality Indicators Process: Revisited (Jim Barrett, Germaine Taggart and Kerry Schuckman)

Click here for Journey of Accountability: Steps to Power, Proof, and Progress (Eileen Kendrick)

Click here for Mathematics Content Knowledge, Anxiety, and Efficacy (Brian Evans)

Click here for Non-Traditional Teacher Preparation Program Exemplars and Best Practices (Juli Sergi, Rhonda Powers and Mary Mosely)

Click here for Targeting Effective Teaching through Online Recruitment, Selection, and Development (Donna Glassman-Sommer, Marvin Lopez and Pete Pillsbury)

Click here for Teacher Residency Academies: Public and Private HBCU Partnerships (Lennie Little, Rosalind Hale, Mary Dilworth, Ahdija Donatto and Dennis Williams)

Click here for The Evaluation of a Within-District Licensure Program in North Carolina (Holli Bayonas and Tina Johnson)

Click here for The Social Network: Maximizing Collaborative Relationships for Recruitment and Retention (Dana Seymour and Dekota Cheatham)

Click here for Through Rivers and Valleys: Recruiting, Preparing and Retaining Rural Teachers (Ritu Chopra, William Hepworth and Veronica Marquez)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Click here for Addressing Barriers of First Year Teachers in Alternative Certification Programs (Stephanie Lopez, Anissa Ybarra and Mike Desiderio)

Click here for Challenges and Rewards in the Longitundinal Evaluation of Lateral Entry Teachers (Bruce Yelton and Alan Meyers)

Click here for Creating a Data-Driven Teacher Residency Program (Michelle Haj-Broussard, Faye White and Deborah King)

Click here for Cyberbullying Awareness and Response Efforts: What is the Teacher's Role? (Sonya Spaulding)

Click here for edTPA: Assessing Readiness to Teach (Saroja Barnes, Andrea Whittaker and Richelle Patterson)

Click here for Impact of Alternative Programs on Teacher Preparation (Abdallah Bendada)

Click here for Preparation Program Effectiveness: Links to Tiered Certification and Student Results (Kelly Henson and Penney McRoy)

Click here for Renewal and Renovation of a Transition to Teaching Program (Ann Eastwood and Sherry Goodvin)

Click here for STEM T3 Grant: The Good, The Bad, and The Unexpected (Michelle C. Williams and Georgia Heras-Salas)

Click here for The Magnolia Miracle: Alternate Route Accountability in Mississippi's Poorest Districts (Matthew Boggan, Teresa Jayroe and Ben Alexander)

Click here for The NYU-Great Oaks Teacher Residency Model: Innovation & Accountability (Ayanna Taylor and Christina Grant)

Click here for Title II, HEA: Accountability Through Reporting (Carrie Murthy)

Click here for Title II IPRC Reporting for Teacher Preparation Programs (Carrie Murthy)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Click here for QWERTY Coaching: Using Social Media to Establish Professional Learning Networks (Tiffany Jackson)

Click here for Service-Learning 101: The Importance of Community Engagement in Alternative Teacher Training (Wendy McCarty)

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