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2015 Conference Presentations

Click on the links below for 2015 NAAC Conference presentations.

Keynote Presentations

Click here for Using Humor to Maximize Learning (Mary Kay Morrison)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Click here for Practice Makes Perfect: Behavior of Successful Teachers (Stacy Costello)

Click here for Data-Driven Collaborations for Expanding Diversity in Schools (Tim Helms, Cyndy Stephens, Tom Hall, Angie Davis & Mark Wilson)

Click here for Elementary Mathematics Teacher Beliefs (Brian Evans)

Click here for Partnerships in Teacher Preparation: A Focus on Literacy and STEM (Pia Conte & Pam Guimond)

Click here for The Difficulty of Equitable Staffing: Searching for Teacher Diversity in South Georgia P-12 Schools (Tom Hall & Cyndy Stephens)

Click here for Fast Start: Training Better Teachers Faster (Matt Williams)

Click here for HEA Title II Accountability: Impact of Alternative Route Teacher Preparation (Stephanie Stoll Dalton & Allison Henderson)

Click here for Unpacking the Proposal Regulations on Teacher Preparation Program Accountability (Allison Henderson & Darcy Pietryka)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Click here for Improving Teacher Effectiveness through Simulated and Traditional Instruction (Jennifer Pankowski)

Click here for Joining Forces to Create Learner Ready Teachers (Penney McRoy, Phyllis Payne, Julie Beck & Jerry Bush)

Click here for Raising Dispositional Awareness at a Distance: Online Coaching (Jonathan Lewis & Nicole Heiser)

Click here for Recruiting the Teachers Rural Schools Need (Dekota Cheatham & Dana Seymour)

Click here for STEM T3 Project: 100+ participants, Engineering Pathways and iPads (David Carrejo & Michele Williams)

Click here for Teach Kentucky: Creating an Innovative Invitation to an Unexpected Place (Rowan Claypool)

Click here for TTT in Action: Preparing STEAM Teachers for Border Schools (Etta Kralovec, Javier Lopez & Devin Berge)

Click here for Getting Deeper into Student Outcome Data: One MAT Program Looks at More Detailed Value-added Data (Michelle Haj-Broussard)

Click here for Nontraditional Teacher and Candidate Retention in Measures of Educator Preparation, Certification, and School Staffing Effectiveness (Michelle Haj-Broussard, Sheila Allen, Vickie Person, Cyndy Stephens & Tom Hall)

Click here for Lessons Learned: Mentoring Effects in a Transition in Teaching Grant (Nancy Bourgeois & Lina Pearson-Greenberg)

Click here for TTT in Action: STEM Teachers for Border Schools (Henrietta Kralovec, Javier Lopez & Devin Berge)

Click here for Transition To Teaching Outcomes: 2009 Cohort (Tyra Stewart & Beatriz York)

Click here for Title II IPRC Reporting for Teacher Preparation Programs (Darcy Pietryka & Kelly Choong)

Click here for Supporting, Coaching, and Informing Alternative Certification Teachers through Social Media (Samuel Yelton & Alan Meyer)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Click here for Collaboration Among Iowa Universities Builds State Wide Accessible Program (Susan Fischer & Susan Lagos Lavenz)

Click here for Focus Groups- A Guide to Embedding edTPA into the Curriculum Development Process (Pamela Roggeman & Lisa Ghromley)

Click here for INTERNal Differentiation: ESL and Reading Comprehension Strategies that WORK! (Rosemary Sexton & LaToya Sartin)

Click here for Reflective Practices that Inspire Improved Teaching and Strengthen Student Learning (Ed Walent & Shelby Pawlina)

Click here for STEM Literacy by Design: Are you ready for the Challenge? (Michele Williams & David Carrejo)

Click here for Evaluating Teacher Candidates through a Holistic Approach: Using Multiple Data Measures to Evaluate an Alternative Licensure Program (George Ward III)

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