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January 25, 2011

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NAAC Announces Intern Awards
Three outstanding new interns will be honored with a $1,000 award at the upcoming National Association for Alternative Certification conference. The awards recognize the interns' successful classroom teaching and contributions to the field in their early years as educators. The winners are: Kelsey Muffler, a special education resource teacher in Atlanta; Chere Calderon, a high school Spanish teacher in Wichita, Kansas; and David Crowley, a special education/English teacher in Los Angeles.

The interns will all attend the NAAC annual conference, March 18-21 in Chicago, with a complimentary registration and travel support provided by NAAC and the Haberman Educational Foundation, a sponsor of one of the awards. They will participate, along with other new teachers from around the country, in a special strand of sessions, providing a wonderful opportunity to network with professional colleagues. The winners will be presented with their awards at a plenary luncheon during the conference.

The winners were nominated by the director of their alternative certification program and selected by a nationally representative review panel that reviewed written statements, intern videos and letters of recommendation. The winners programs are, respectively, the Metro Regional Educational Service Agenda Georgia TAPP Program, the Wichita State University Transition to Teaching Program, and the Los Angeles Unified School District Intern Program.

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